Aditya S Nair

Together for a Lifetime

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Location: Masai Mara National Reserve, Kenya (2020)

About this photo: With an average lifespan of 60-80 years, elephants have developed similar social bonds as humans. Living together as an extended family, the group is typically led by a matriarch. The females regardless of age stick together for almost an entire lifetime, while the males once old enough, go off on their own.

That said, elephant bulls often do end up moving close enough to a large parade of other elephants offering a service of protection and mating opportunities. Much like humans, elephants stick together for what seems like an eternity almost mimicking social cues and mannerisms that humans have developed.


Printed on Canson Baryta 310gsm. A light gloss finish with an extra smooth texture. Museum grade paper that creates whiter whites and deeper blacks with a reflective coating that brings the image to life.




MEDIUM: 16" x 20"

Size including border:

17 x 21 inches (43.1 x 53.3 cm)

Border: 0.5 inches (1.27 cm)

Edition of 30 prints.

LARGE: 24” x 30”

Size including border:

26 x 32 inches (66.1 x 81.3 cm)

Border: 1 inch (2.54 cm)

Edition of 15 prints. 


EXTRA LARGE: 32” x 40”

Size including border:

34 x 42 inches (86.4 x 106.7 cm)

Border: 1 inch (2.54 cm)

Edition of 5 prints. 


*Please note that the prints do not include a frame*